Armani White Returns With His New Single “Flip”

Armani White Returns With His New Single “Flip”

`Armani needs the whole thing and more on “Flip.”

Armani White started making commotion around five years back yet some events in his own life crashed him from the rap game for a bit. He returned a year ago with the arrival of “State funded School” and has been back on an unfaltering toil from that point forward. The rapper as of late came through with his new single, “Flip,” a hard-hitting banger created by Alexander Lewis‘. Armani’s vocals extend over the fun creation while thinking back on the blockhead game. “Cocaine, don’t have the foggiest idea where I’d be without the/Dope game, regardless I leave my shirts with my/Old thang,” he raps on the snare.

“This record occurred on mishap,” Armani told Complex. “I left my charger at Alexander Lewis‘ house and stopped by during another person’s session when he began playing this beat. I in a flash dropped my sacks, recorded like five straight references, and wore down it until it was immaculate.”

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Quotable Lyrics

I feed the needles, bleeders, sugar

It like insulin Betcha dat number do twofold the spending that is coming through

I’m not them niggas you kept running into I went from

Lunchables, crustables, Jumping A Bus Or, To

Hauling whips out like Ms. Trunchbull, pushing through