Drake Has A Message For His Foes On “Omertà”

Drake Has A Message For His Foes On “Omertà”

As promised, Drizzy has delivered two new singles.
Fans have been impatiently waiting on Drake to drop his The Best In The World Pack singles “Omertà” and “Money in the Grave.” Drizzy announced that he’d be gifting the world with new tunes following the impressive NBA Finals win by the Toronto Raptors, making them the 2019 Champions. The Raptors’ ambassador couldn’t quell his excitement throughout the Playoffs or Finals, and his behavior was often the subject of criticism. No matter, Drake was his team’s number one cheerleader and celebrated the victory for himself, his team, and his city.

On “Omertà,” the OVO mogul opts for a straightforward approach as he slyly addresses a few controversies attached to his image. “Last year, niggas really feel like they rode on me/Last year, niggas got hot ’cause they told on me,” he rhymes about the lyrical battle he engaged in with Pusha T. Contrary to rumors, “Omertà” isn’t an homage to the Raptors—or Toronto, for that matter—but fans don’t seem to mind. Check out “Omertà” and let us know your favorite lyrics on the track. Make sure to listen to “Money in the Grave” featuring Rick Rosshere.

Quotable Lyrics

So much, we gotta count the twenties up in a different room
I am just a body that my brothers are living through
Keeping my connections strictly physical
Everyone that’s married is miserable
I know that that is not a lifestyle I can give into
The rise to the top of this mountain has been biblical
I don’t carry cash ’cause the money is digital